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Preventative care and early detection are key when it comes to making sure your pet stays healthy. Some of the most powerful tools we have for that is imaging.

X-rays, also called radiographs, can show us skeletal fractures, some soft tissue damage, foreign bodies, and dental disease. While x-rays are non-invasive, some do require that the patient remains completely still, so sedation and/or anesthesia of your pet may be necessary. However, the duration of sedation is usually short and patients tend to recover quickly. Our vets and trained staff will monitor your pet throughout the procedure and recovery.

Ultrasound can show us soft tissue structures such as the liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach, and urinary bladder. This can be the best way to help diagnose cancer or determine causes for weight loss and other ailments. Your Vista Veterinarian will help you through this process.

Echocardiograms are ultrasounds of the heart. They can help determine the cause of heart murmurs and let us know if intervention is needed. Echocardiograms are performed by specialists and we are fortunate to have Dr. Schutrumpf of Crux Cardiology here at Vista every other week. Your Vista Veterinarian will help get your pet set up for this service if needed.