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Your Pet’s Ticket Home

Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 pets will become lost during their lives? Even if you have a collar with ID tag on your animal, it can easily be lost or removed. Not so with microchip implants, which are an incredibly simple and inexpensive way to keep pets out of shelters and get them back where they belong.

At Vista Pet Hospital, we’re big fans of microchipping, as we’ve seen time and time again their effectiveness at reuniting pets with their families. By supporting this practice, Vista Pet Hospital also hopes to prevent some of the nearly 8 million animals that end up in US shelters each year.

A simple process

The microchip is contained in a biocompatible capsule smaller than a grain of rice that’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and completely safe. An easy, nearly pain-free procedure then places the chip just under the skin. Microchips are rated for 25 years, meaning they never need to be replaced or recharged during your pet’s lifetime.

Each chip transmits radio waves with an animal-specific tracking number that, when connected to the central database, displays the pet’s name and owner contact information. Should your pet run away or get lost, a simple scan of the chip will allow the proper authorities to determine the owner’s identity and return the animal to his or her family.

Don’t wait to ensure your pet’s safety. If you’d like to know more about the process or to schedule an appointment to have your pet “chipped”, give us a call today!